Download Rufus 2.23

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RufusRufus is an app that let you create bootable drives in much simple helps to create bootable usb Flash drives like usb keys, usb pen drives, memory sticks etc and you can create them easily.this app is very easy to use and very much user friendly.anyone can use it what you need is just some basic knowledge. this is a awesome app that will help you in many ways. This app does all this work in a systematic and smarter other app can work like this app. It has many interesting features to attract more impressive things about this app is that it is faster than any app of this category.this app is specially useful to create usb installation media from ios that is bootable,and in addition it is also useful where you have to work on a system where os is not installed.

One impressive thing about this app is that it is smaller in size but provides you everything you want. This app is also useful where you need to Flash a bios, Flash other firmware and also where you want to run a low level utility. This app has many useful features but in addition one more attraction is there that is its speed.yes it is much more faster than any. Other app of its category.this is again an big advantage to its users. Rufus is really helpful and fabulous. That is why it has high rating and positive feedback from its customers.In addition to it this app is available in different languages.anyone can use any language according to their preference.

Download Rufus v2.23 for Windows.

  • Boot up your PC and get connected to a Wifi nearby or make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Now Download Rufus from Chrome.
  • Install Rufus and enjoy its features.