Download Rufus 4.71

RufusRufus is a free and small utility for computers. This software is open source allowing it to be developed by anyone as it’s source codes are made available to everyone openly. Being open source it has no copyrights and changes can be made in it to add features gives bugs and upgrade it without asking for legal permissions.¬† Rufus is portable so users can copy the software as many times as they want to and it can be downloaded from anywhere without any legal issues. Rufus has a simple and fast UI making it a time-efficient and easy to use software. The software has no ads and annoying pop-ups so users can do their work uninterrupted. It requires very little processing power and works lights on GPU making it a good utility for computers with the lower specifications. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.71”

Download Rufus 4.70

RufusRufus software is used to format USB drives in minutes and the most used feature of Rufus is to make any normal USB drive a bootable flash drive in seconds. You can make any of your pen drives into a bootable flash drive and you can install windows in your PC/laptop in just some steps. No need of any CD/DVD when you can do that work by USB drives and it is easy and simple so anyone can use Rufus and can do their work on time. Rufus has a brilliant UI which is familiar so nothing to worry about how to use it or anything like that because even a child or an aged person can use it easily and without even asking for its tutorials. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.70”

Download Rufus 4.69

RufusRufus is a small size free and open source software for computers. The application has no copyright and so many users can copy the software as many times as they want to. As the software is open source its source files are openly shared to developers and users so anyone can make changes to it and upgrade it with more features to turn it into a better utility. Rufus can be used to create bootable flash devices from normal USB devices in simple steps and very low GPU power. The software has other uses as well as managing disc space of HDD. Rufus has other functions like formatting USB discs of external drives and removing viruses that can cause data loss if done with other methods. The software is capable of removing viruses from external hard drives and pen drives without any data loss or corrupting the storage devices. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.69”

Download Rufus 4.67

RufusRufus is an software which is used to make bootable USB drives in minutes. You can use this software on any PC/laptop which runs on Microsoft Windows. Download this software directly from its official website and enjoy it for free because it is available for free to all its users. Format drives and Rufus works like a charm in real life. It can run in the background easily because it doesn’t require any specific RAM consumption and this software is very small in size but in work, it is an opposite of its size because it works fluently. Manage your disk space in HDD in minutes and this software doesn’t even lags a little, unlike other similar apps. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.67”

Download Rufus 4.66

RufusRufus is a very small and fast utility software for computers mostly used to make bootable flash drives like USB keys/¬†pendrives, memory sticks etc. Rufus is open source movable software which allows users to copy it or download it from any source without worrying about copyrights. As an open source software, its source is provided openly to everyone and so anyone can make changes to it and add features to make it a better and faster software. Rufus is smooth on any specifications and has low GPU requirements. Rufus is free software and has no ads in it. Rufus has other uses and features like with it users can manage disc space in HDD. It can also be used to format USB drives and external storage devices. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.66”

Download Rufus 4.65

RufusRufus is a software which is used on PC/laptop to create bootable USB drives from normal USB pen drives. You can format your USB disks easily by Rufus and in minutes. It is the easiest and best way to format any USB disk and convert it to a bootable USB drive. This software is very small in size and works like a charm by forming and booting USBs in minutes. It has a simple and very easy UI so that everyone can use it. This software is very obedient as it does your work in just some clicks. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.65”

Download Rufus 4.62

RufusRufus is a utility tool for computers which is mainly used to make bootable flash drives in a very easy and fast way. This is an open source portable app and so it doesn’t have any copyright and the source is provided openly to everyone so they can make changes in it for improvements in it. It can be copied and downloaded from any site without any legal issues. Rufus is a small sized application with a simple UI and fast processing speed and no ads while it also has very little power requirements to work. It can work even on computers that have low specifications. Making bootable devices from normal external devices like pen drive and the hard drive is easy in Rufus user has to input data and tap start to get a bootable flash drive ready in just no time. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.62”

Download Rufus 4.61

RufusRufus is a software which runs on Microsoft Windows. You can format USB discs easily by this software in just some clicks. The main work of this software is to format any USB disc and make it a bootable flash drive in minutes. Rufus is a free software and you download it for free from its official website easily. This software is very fast and as compared to any other app like this, this app is the best from all of them because its size is very small but I have to say that Rufus does work in a very good manner and gives every work a professional touch. Its user interface is very simple and I like its UI personally because it is very easy to use and very familiar so anyone can use it easily. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.61”

Download Rufus 4.59

RufusRufus is a small size open source portable application available for the computers. Rufus being open source and portable the application is allowed to be altered and copied by users so no copyrights claims can be done to it and anyone can work on improving it with as many features they want to add into it. Rufus can be used for different purposes like managing space in drives, installing OS, and most importantly it makes portable flash drives from normal pen drives.¬† This utility app is small in free and has a very simple UI and has no complex steps to function. Rufus has no major system requirements and can work with very little processing power of the computer. With this users are allowed to format all USB disks even when the discs are corrupted and are not readable with normal methods. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.59”

Download Rufus 4.57

RufusRufus is software which is used to format and make bootable USB flash drives like pen drives, memory sticks etc. it is developed by Pete Batard. Rufus is mainly made for Microsoft Windows and it can only run on Microsoft Windows but don’t take tension because it will be available for other platforms in future time so use it on windows now but you can enjoy it on other platforms too in some time. it is mainly used when you need to create USB installation media from bootable iOSs. like Windows, Linux, UEFI etc. it works on these type of platforms. Rufus is very simple to use but very effective tool which runs on windows which can handle a lot of work. let me tell you how it works. firstly it formats your USB drive which you insert in your PC/laptop. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.57”