Download Rufus 4.79


Rufus is free, fast and small software for computers. The software is open source and portable making it more accessible and better than usual software. The users are given all the resources of the app to make developments in it and make as many copies as they want without any copyright issues. Rufus comes in handy in many tasks and is capable of doing different functions. It can be used to manage disc space and format USB discs to keep the store clean and managed. The unreadable and corrupted USB discs can also be formatted with Rufus. This software has minimal requirements and functions efficiently with low specifications of computers. External storage devices can also be managed with Rufus and viruses from an external device can be erased without loss of users data.

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Download Rufus 4.77


Rufus is a fast processing and small sized software for computers. The software is very easy to use and comes with a simple user interface. It doesn’t have high processing power requirements but can work with little GPU power smoothly. Rufus is known for easily making bootable flash devices from normal external storage devices like memory stick, pen drives, hard drives etc. For making bootable flash drives Rufus doesn’t require much of anything and only iso files are needed for making Linux and windows bootable device with it. The software also comes in use to work on a computer that has no operating system installed. Rufus also supports more keyboard layouts so users never have to stop due to the unsupported keyboard layout. This software also has features for working on storage devices like it can be used to manage disc space on HDD and even format USB discs to make them fast and good as new.

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