Download Rufus 4.59

RufusRufus is a small size open source portable application available for the computers. Rufus being open source and portable the application is allowed to be altered and copied by users so no copyrights claims can be done to it and anyone can work on improving it with as many features they want to add into it. Rufus can be used for different purposes like managing space in drives, installing OS, and most importantly it makes portable flash drives from normal pen drives.¬† This utility app is small in free and has a very simple UI and has no complex steps to function. Rufus has no major system requirements and can work with very little processing power of the computer. With this users are allowed to format all USB disks even when the discs are corrupted and are not readable with normal methods. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.59”

Download Rufus 4.57

RufusRufus is software which is used to format and make bootable USB flash drives like pen drives, memory sticks etc. it is developed by Pete Batard. Rufus is mainly made for Microsoft Windows and it can only run on Microsoft Windows but don’t take tension because it will be available for other platforms in future time so use it on windows now but you can enjoy it on other platforms too in some time. it is mainly used when you need to create USB installation media from bootable iOSs. like Windows, Linux, UEFI etc. it works on these type of platforms. Rufus is very simple to use but very effective tool which runs on windows which can handle a lot of work. let me tell you how it works. firstly it formats your USB drive which you insert in your PC/laptop. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.57”

Download Rufus 4.56

RufusRufus is an open source portable software that can be used by anyone for free without paying for any of its features and worrying about copyrights. The applications let its users make changes in it according to their requirements so the application keeps getting better while it is allowed to be copied by anyone. The application is free, small, fast and has a simple UI so it needs very low processing power to function on a machine. Rufus can perform functions like managing disc space of HDD so you can keep it clean and managed. Rufus also lets users format discs in case they get corrupted and are inaccessible by normal methods. The application can erase viruses from external storage devices without causing any data loss as there is a high risk of data loss at times the user tries to delete or remove the virus without the use of any special application. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.56”

Download Rufus 4.54

RufusRufus is a software which creates bootable USB drives in an easy and fast way. this software is available for all type of PC/laptops and anyone can use this app fluently because it has an old-school UI which is very easy to use. you do not need a high-end PC/laptop to use this app because it can run on low-end PC/laptops and does its work fluently. you can format your pen drives or memory sticks from this software in an easy way and in a fast way. this software is available for everyone and it is free of cost. there is no limitation to use this software as much as you want. rufus is a small and light app which is very easy to use. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.54”

Download Rufus 4.53

RufusRufus is a small-sized software for computers that is common for people that have to install OS every once in a while. The application is small and needs a very low amount of power to function on a system. Rufus is also free and you get to use all its features for free all you need to do is download and install it. Rufus is mostly known for making bootable devices out of normal daily use storage devices like external hard drives and pen drives. The application is not very fancy and easy to use all you need to do is select from the given option according to what you trying to and click start and your bootable flash device will be ready in no time. Rufus can be used to manage disc space of any HDD and format USB disc when you are not able to use them or they get corrupted. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.53”

Download Rufus 4.51

RufusRufus is a tool used for the purpose of making a bootable flash drive from a normal pen drive. The application is small in size and has different uses on a desktop while having a lower requirement for all its functions and can run even on low specifications. Rufus helps you manage the disk space of your hard drives and keeping them clean and manageable. It is faster than other tools that have the same functions and features. You can format the USB disks using Rufus easily without trouble at times when you have trouble due to corrupt files or viruses in them. Rufus lets you erase viruses from your pen drives and hard disk without altering your files in them. The application is free and has a simple UI ¬†which makes it easy to use as it also has no ads that can possibly bug you during your work. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.51”

Download Rufus 4.48

RufusRufus is a windows software used to format USB drives and create bootable flash drives in minutes. it’s compatible with almost all windows version and it’s very light for PC/laptop and very simple to use. it’s UI is so old school and very attractive and everyone can use this software without learning it that how to use it. this software is totally ads free and it’s free of cost so you get all the features which are totally free. you can manage disk space from this app on HDD. this software works very fast and very easy to use and it never consumes a lot of RAM so don’t worry, it won’t consume your memory. it can run in the background without even effecting PC/laptop’s processing speed. you can even erase the virus from your pen drives by this software so now you know that what this software can do and doesn’t even charges a penny for all this. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.48”

Download Rufus 4.41

RufusRufus is a small-sized utility application that can be used for multiple functions on your desktop. Having a desktop you always need to take care of the storage of your machine and Rufus lets you manage the disc space of your HDD and take care of the storage problems while this application let’s you format the USB drives as well without any trouble. The application have other uses as well which are helpful when you have to new install operating system on your desktop every once in a while as it can be used to make normal USB pen drive etc into bootable flash drive and these bootable flash drives are very useful when you have to change operating system on your desktop or have to install operating system on another desktop as well. The bootable flash drives can be of different systems(Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc). Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.41”

Download Rufus 4.39

RufusRufus is one of the most popular formatting tools that you can use on a windows computer and the best thing about using Rufus is that it is absolutely free of charge and you don’t have to pay any subscription fee in order to keep using it. Rufus has a number of features that you can use in a very small package because it is very small in size and very light on your PC and only takes a fraction of the processing power of your PC and you won’t even notice it while using the app in the background on full capacity. You can create free bootable flash drive using Rufus very reliably without any risk of breaking your PC in the process if you have the right ISO file of your desired operating system that you want to create a bootable drive of. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.39”

Download Rufus 4.36

RufusDo you want to create a free bootable drive? if yes then look no further because you can use Rufus on your PC to create free bootable drives using empty flash drive and this app and you don’t have to pay an IT professional to get it done and you don’t even need an expensive PC to do this because the app is very small in size and uses a very small fraction of the Ram and CPU while in operation and you won’t even notice the effect of this software on your PC while it is running in the background because it is that light. Rufus is a very reliable software and it is available for absolutely free of charge and you can download it in a matter of seconds because of its small size. Continue reading “Download Rufus 4.36”