Download Rufus 2.11

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RufusRufus is a free software for Windows devices that lets you manage your disk space, make bootable devices with flash drives and much more and it’s absolutely free to use. Most of us use Rufus just to format USB drives and it has been very reliable for that purpose but it can do much more than that. Rufus is one of the simplest formatting apps that you will ever used on any Windows device it has a very simple user interface that anyone can use without having to read any manual for it. To create bootable devices all you need is an iso file of Windows and a flash drive. You will need to format the flash drive before you burn the ISO image on it to make it a bootable device then you can use to install Windows on a computer and the whole process only takes a couple of minutes which tells you how fast and reliable Rufus is and the best part about using this tool is that it’s much faster when compared to similar softwares.

You can manage all the space on your PC very easily using this tool, you can merge or divide disc space in your hard disk without losing any files in the process which is very convenient once you try it. The newer version of Rufus works on all versions of Windows and thanks to its small size you can download and install it pretty quickly and start using this reliable tool to format and create USB flash drives. Rufes can prove to be a very useful tool if you use flash drives a lot and need to format them multiple times a day.

Download Rufus 2.11 for Windows

  • Open browser on your PC and check for internet connection.
  • Download Rufus 2.11 and wait for the file to be downloaded successfully.
  • Locate and install Rufus on your PC and start formatting!