Download Rufus v2.21

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RufusRufus is a tool designed for windows devices that lets you format flash drive and create bootable drives in a matter of seconds. Rupees is one of the simplest apps that you can get on your PC and the best part about using this tool is that the app is available for absolutely free of charge. Rufus works with almost all versions of Windows and support more than 20 languages. The clear and simply laid out operating system of this tool allows you to start using it without having to read any sort of manual of the app.

Rufus works great even if don’t have a powerful machine because of the simple operating system and the small size of the app and it is 25 % faster than any other formatting tool available for free. You can create bootable USB drive for free using Rufus on your PC all you need is an Empty USB drive and the ISO file of your desired operating system. reliability is very crucial for this app because when you create a bootable drive and it fails in the process then you might end up with a bricked computer but Rufus is a very reliable app and you can count on it to create reliable bootable drives. One feature that goes unnoticed in this tool is the manage feature which allows you to divide a drive in your computer or create a new one from this free space of the hard drive and you can also merge two different drives without losing any files in the process and it can make your life much easier if you want to organize your PC and it’s files without having to format drives unnecessarily.

Download Rufus v2.21 for Windows

  • Boot up your PC and connect to a Wifi nearby.
  • Once done you can open Chrome or any other browser and Download Rufus.
  • Wait for it to install on your PC and then you can start using its features.