Download Rufus 2.28

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RufusRufus is a tool designed for Windows PC which helps you create bootable flash drive, format USB drives and manage the disk space on your computer. Rufus is free to use software which you can use without having to purchase it or having to pay a monthly subscription fee, the size of the software is very tiny and it is very light on your processor. You can keep using Rufus in the background and the performance of your PC won’t be affected because it uses very minimal processing power and RAM.

Rufus can help you manage your disk space on the hard drive of your computer, you can divide a disk space in any number of drives and you can also merge two different drives together, all without losing a single file or document in the process which is one of the best features of this tool. If you often struggle with managing the hard disk space on your PC then you can use Rufus to arrange it back anytime you want. The simple user interface of this tool allows anyone to use this app for a number of functions, all the controls are labeled with their respective functions and you will not encounter any problems while using Rufus to create a bootable drive or while formatting a USB flash drive. Creating bootable drives is a piece of cake with Rufus, just insert the flash drive that you want to use to create the bootable drive, format it using the format button which will only take a second. Now you have to burn the ISO image of the operating system on the formatted USB flash drive and after the processing is complete you can use it to install the new operating system on any PC.

Download Rufus 2.28 for Windows

  1. Run Chrome on your PC.
  2. Open this web-page.
  3. Download Rufus.
  4. Locate the downloaded software and install it.
  5. Start using Rufus for free!