Download Rufus 2.25

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RufusRufes is a tool designed for Windows PC which basically helps you create bootable drive from pen drives and format any flash drive of your choice. Rupees is one of the leading apps in its category with millions of users worldwide and the best part about using this tool to create bootable usb drives is that it is absolutely free of charge, you do not have to pay any money or subscription fees to keep using it on your PC. Rufus has a very simple user interface, the controls are very basic and evenly laid out so anyone can use the app without having to read the instructions because all the controls in the app are already mark with their function.

Rufus is at least 25 % faster than any other similar tool and the software is tiny in size as compared to others, is easy to install and does not require much processing power so you can keep working on your computer while using Rufus to create bootable drive or formatting them. one of the best features of Rufus that often goes unnoticed is its ability to manage disks in your hard drive. You can divide portion of disk space in your hard drive or you can merge two disk spaces with each other and you can do it all without losing any files in the process, if you want to manage that is space on your computer and you do not have the luxury of transferring important files to a safe drive then this feature of the tool can prove to be very helpful. Creating bootable usb flash drives is a breeze with this tool, all you need is the ISO file of the operating system you want to create a bootable drive of and it burns the ISO image on your USB drive in minutes.

Download Rufus 2.25 for Windows

  • Run browser on your PC and open this webpage.
  • Download Rufus for PC.
  • Install the downloaded software and run it for free!