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Rufus is a multipurpose software available for free. The software is open source and portable so users get the freedom to download the app from any source without having copyright issues. All the users are allowed to make changes in Rufus to add features and optimize its performance. It has many features and is capable of performing different functions. The software is very popular for its fast and easy process of making bootable flash devices from normal daily life use storage devices like pen drive, hard drive, memory stick etc. Size of Rufus is small and requirements for any function is very low making it a perfect software for any work on low-end computers. It has a very simple user interface and the process of making bootable devices.

Users are provided with selectable options for making the bootable device and just by starting the process a new bootable device is created for the user within minutes. Making flash devices of Linux and windows with Rufus is easy as it only needed iso files to make make the bootable device of Linux and windows system. OS can be installed in the computer using this software. Rufus can also be used to work with a computer that has no operating system installed in it. It is a fast and efficient software with no ads and in-app purchases that need to be made to unlock features. More features are available in the software to skip any inconvenience due to unsupportable keyboard layout by more supported keyboard layouts. Users can manage disc space on HDD using Rufus and easily format USB discs in the faster process to make them good as new.

Download Rufus 4.84 for PC

  • Open Chrome on your phone.
  • Visit this webpage.
  • Download Rufus.
  • Wait for the app to install successfully.
  • Run Rufus.

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