Download Rufus 8.80

RufusRufus is a free and open-source utility program that is used to create DOS  bootable USB drives. It is also used to format any drive and then you can create a bootable machine that doesn’t have any operating system. This application is used among users all over the world did you it’s all amazing and realistic features. The UI of this utility is simple and all the essential features are directly displayed on the home screen so everyone can easily understand its basic and advanced features on a first visit. Many of the users also use it to burn ISO images on a CD As compared to other burning tools including CDBurnerXP InfraRecorder. This ultimate utility program was designed by Pete Batard in 2011  and the main motive to create this application is to get rid of all the paid applications which were used to create bootable USB.

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Download Rufus 8.78

RufusRufus is the best alternative for all Windows users especially for those who want to create a bootable USB drive within few minutes. The main function of this application is to transform a flash USB drive into a bootable one through your windows-based computer system. It is a utility program that is easily accessible without paying a single penny and no hidden charges are applicable to use its all additional functions. Through this utility program, you are also able to create a live USB drive and simply format a pen drive through its beneficial features. This application works on various file systems for formatting that includes EXFAT, RFS, RFS, NTFS, FAT32, and other additional ones. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.78”

Download Rufus 8.76

RufusRufus is one of the most widely used small utility programs that provides all essential features to format and create bootable USB drivers that include memory sticks,  USB keys,  and pen drives, and many others. This ultimate booting application can be used in some cases where anyone wants to create USB installation media with help of bootable ISOs includes Linux, Windows, and others. This application proves beneficial for a system that does not have any operating system installed. All new coming users can easily get its all functions and features at a first visit because it has an easy-to-use and simple interface that displays all the functions clearly. If you want to flash a BIOS and any other firmware with DOS then you must go through with Rufus because it is the perfect booting application as compared to another one in this category. In this ultimate application, you are also able to create persistent various Linux partitions. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.76”

Download Rufus 8.74

RufusRufus is the authentic and most reliable formatting utility source that is used on a wide basis all over the world. It is an open free source utility program that was designed to format and create a bootable USB flash drive from a normal drive. It is also used to create live USBs. The main objective to design this amazing application is to create various bootable USB drives in the easiest way. It simply replaces the most widely used HP USB disk storage format tool. This HP USB tool is only used in Windows that was used to create DOS  bootable drives. Rufus takes over the market and becomes the number one application in this category. Version 1.0.3 is the first official release And the release date of this application is December 11, 2011. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.74”

Download Rufus 8.72

RufusRufus Is the most preferred and widely used application that is developed to create a normal USB drive into a bootable USB drive. This application also enables you to format various drives and you can also rename the volume and many other things that you want to do. You are also able to choose which kind of system you want within your bootable drive. It is a lightweight head and easy-to-use application that works smoothly within all types of Windows operating systems. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.72”

Download Rufus 8.70

RufusRufus is a fast and secure utility program that is most widely used to create a bootable USB drive and format other drives. It is an application that is most widely used all over the world to create bootable USB drives in the best possible ways. In the categories of booting and formatting applications, it proves as the most successful application due to its all inherent and ultimate functions. This application is also available in many different languages so it is used all over the world in different native and regional languages. For all users, it is a totally free application and it doesn’t charge any charges to download and install it so so you can easily get their direct downloading link and download it within your device without spending a single penny. This application constantly arrives with its all-new and amazing versions that help to maximize your booting experience. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.70”

Download Rufus 8.68

RufusRufus is a terrific and small program that arises with all the essential functions and features that are important to create a bootable USB drive through a normal USB drive. It is a widely used utility program due to its amazing performance. The size of this application is very small so so each and every person can easily download and install it within their particular device. All over the world, it provides the world’s number one utility application for creating bootable USB drives. The user interface of this application is easy to use and well designed that every user can easily understand its amazing features at a first sight. If you want to start your computer in DOS  then nothing is better than this application because it is one of the best ways to create a bootable USB or start a computer in DOS. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.68”

Download Rufus 8.66

RufusRufus is an application that provides you with its best services and features. By using this app you can format and create USB Flash Drives. It is so much useful when you want to create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, etc) to work on a system that doesn’t have an OS installed to flash a BIOS or other firmware from DOS and to run a low-level utility. Like as if you want to create a DOS bootable drive and use a non-US keyboard Rufus will attempt to select a keyboard layout according to the locale of your system. In that case, FreeDOS, which is the default selection, is recommended over MS-DOS, as it supports more keyboard layouts. Rufus Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC. It is a full offline setup installer of the software. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.66”

Download Rufus 8.64

RufusRufus is an amazing application that is widely used to create a normal USB drive into a bootable USB drive. It also allows you to create bootable USBs for DOS. This application also arrives with all the latest versions instead of the old one and provides enhanced speed. You are also able to format any USB drive through this application by using any formatting option. It is a small program with lightning-fast booting speed. You can get this application without spending a single penny because it is a free license-based application that everyone can easily download within their computer system. This utility program can be easily e installed on any version of Windows. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.64”

Download Rufus 8.62

RufusRufus is one of the best perfectly designed utility programs that helps to format the USB drives and create USB drives in the best possible way. This application supports Windows Mac, Linux, and various other operating systems. It also works perfectly to install any operating system besides on an Apple computer. To make a bootable USB flash drive with this application it must be needed a USB drive of 8GB. To make the important changes in hardware it requires an account with administrator access. This application handles different partition schemes and other varieties of file structures. To work properly with this application make your that you set a correct setting that matches UFD. This application doesn’t disturb your other activities on your computer system because it is and lightweight application. All the functions performed by this application are totally safe and don’t harm your private privacy. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.62”