Download Rufus 4.98

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Rufus is a very useful tool when it comes to PC and laptops because we need to upgrade our software for the better experience and to resolve the bugs in the previous version of software and we can do that easily with Rufus by getting rid of the CD/DVD and by creating bootable flash drives through Rufus easily in minutes. You can make any pen drive a bootable flash drive in minutes and you can flash windows in your PC/Laptop easily without inserting any CD/DVD in your PC because who uses them in this generation. You can format any pen drive or anything by Rufus like professions and the best part about Rufus is that it is available for free and anyone can download it for free from their official website.

If you have any virus or your own drive or USB drive isn’t working so you can use Rufus to resolve that problem and Rufus will erase all the viruses or anything which was the problem and your USB drive will start working again like a charm. Rufus is very easy to use and all the functions of it are very simple because it is designed for everyone. If you want to read instructions to use it so you can read them on their official website. You can manage disc space in HDD without facing any problem and it is very simple to do when you’re using Rufus. Don’t you worry about your PC’s RAM management because Rufus needs a very little amount of processing speed and it can even run in the background easily without having any issues.

Download Rufus 4.98 for PC

  • Open a browser on your smartphone and visit this website.
  • Download Rufus.
  • Wait for the app to finish downloading.
  • Locate the downloaded apk file and install it on your device.
  • Run Rufus.

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