Download Rufus 8.20

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RufusIf you want to create a bootable drive using your pen drive and your computer then you must download Rufus on your PC. It is one of the most useful tools that you can download on your personal computer that will help you manage your system without having to call a technician ever. Rufus is without a doubt one of the most reliable tools that you can use on your computer to make a bootable drive for absolutely free of charge. It is very small in size that you can download it in a matter of seconds and start using it right away because it does not have an installation process that you have to go through in order to install this tool on your device, just download the tool on your computer and run it to start using Rufus.

Rufus works with a number of different operating systems such as windows Linux UEFI etc and you can create a bootable drive of any operating system of your choice as well. can also use Rufus to format your flash drive if you think there are viruses on your flash drive which will get rid of all the viruses and other data present on that flash drive and make it brand new so you can burn the ISO on it and use the flash drive as a bootable disc. you can also work on systems that do not have an operating system because you can just plug in the bootable flash drive in the USB socket and power the computer on which will allow you to to work on the system.

Download Rufus 8.20 for PC

  • Download Rufus for Android.
  • Open any file manager on your device and locate the downloaded apk.
  • Install the app and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Open Rufus.

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