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RufusRufus is a computer utility program that converts a normal flash drive into a bootable USB. The configuration of this program is very simple like you just have to insert the device which you want to format, market the options, and click start. Less than in a minute your bootable USB for DOS drive is ready. It is the best way to start your PC in DOS. This program only works for Windows but it can also generate an ISO for software installation that can work for many operating systems like Linux, Mac, etc.

Rufus also helps you to install a new operating system on your PC which has incomplete system steps through USB. Most of the computers do not support DVD format. The key feature of this app is to generate ISO on USB. An identical copy of what is on a normal disc is made by ISO. It can collect all the files and information documents on a DVD or computer to place them on an ISO file. Remember to save all your information somewhere else as ISO installation requires reformatting of your device. The technique of creating a Bootable USB from Rufus is very easy. Insert the drive you want to boot from USB will be automatically detected by Rufus as the program is started. Click the button with the optical drive icon and locate and select the ISO you want to use. Then the USB will be formatted and ISO will be copied to USB and ready to be booted. Rufus is very convenient to use. The user interface has all the options needed.

Process of Downloading Rufus on your PC

  • First of all, connect your PC to a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then select any authentic web browser on your PC and Download Rufus.
  • Once Downloaded, Install it on your PC by permitting all the terms and conditions asked. Enjoy the Utility app and convert your flash drive into a bootable USB drive.

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