Download Rufus 8.52

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RufusRufus is one of the most popular windows application which will help you to instantly create bootable USB drives that you can take with you everywhere you go. This is a lightweight Windows application that provides you with the facility to easily create bootable drives of any operating system by using your Windows PC. This application is available free of cost so do not have to buy any other premium application in order to enjoy creating bootable USB drives. This application will provide you direct option to select your USB drive and then you can also browse for the ISO file of the operating system that you want to boot into your USB drive. Once you select the file, then you just have to click on the start button and the bootable process will be started within this application.

If you want you can also change some other settings such as file system and cluster size from this app. Rufus will also provide you with the option to rewrite the name of your volume so that you can labour it according to your needs. It will also provide you with a status bar where you can check your progress and once it is completed it will provide you with the indication in the status bar of this app. This application is available in multiple languages which will make it available for users from all around the world. This application is compatible with Windows 7 or a later version of the Windows operating system. It supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows systems so you don’t have to worry about any issues while using this app.

How to Download Rufus on your Windows PC?

  1. First of all, confirm that your PC is properly configured with the nearest Wi-Fi network.
  2. Then launch the Chrome Browser and Download Rufus on your PC.
  3. Now install it carefully by giving the necessary permissions and open it.
  4. Finally enjoy the best application to create bootable drives with your PC by using this amazing app.

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