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RufusRufus is the authentic and most reliable formatting utility source that is used on a wide basis all over the world. It is an open free source utility program that was designed to format and create a bootable USB flash drive from a normal drive. It is also used to create live USBs. The main objective to design this amazing application is to create various bootable USB drives in the easiest way. It simply replaces the most widely used HP USB disk storage format tool. This HP USB tool is only used in Windows that was used to create DOS  bootable drives. Rufus takes over the market and becomes the number one application in this category. Version 1.0.3 is the first official release And the release date of this application is December 11, 2011. Its first version only supports MS-DOS and its later version 1.0.4 supports FreeDOS. As continue its new version are introduced and all the new features and tools are also edited in these versions of Rufus. This is the one and only application that provides the easiest and simplest way to create and format a simple USB drive into a bootable USB flash drive. In formatting, this application supports file systems of formatting flash drives including FAT32, FAT, UDF, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS, and many more. This application is also accessible in more than 35 different languages that make it more popular.

The process to Download Rufus on your desired device

  • First of all, ¬†turn on your device and ensure that it will be connected to the nearest and properly working Wi-Fi router.
  • Then search for Rufus within the Chrome web browser and Download Rufus.
  • Once the downloading process is done install this ultimate formatting application by allowing access to all the necessary permits.
  • Finally, have fun with its all Incredible features and easily format any drive within your computer system.

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