Download Rufus 8.80

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RufusRufus is a free and open-source utility program that is used to create DOS ¬†bootable USB drives. It is also used to format any drive and then you can create a bootable machine that doesn’t have any operating system. This application is used among users all over the world did you it’s all amazing and realistic features. The UI of this utility is simple and all the essential features are directly displayed on the home screen so everyone can easily understand its basic and advanced features on a first visit. Many of the users also use it to burn ISO images on a CD As compared to other burning tools including CDBurnerXP InfraRecorder. This ultimate utility program was designed by Pete Batard in 2011 ¬†and the main motive to create this application is to get rid of all the paid applications which were used to create bootable USB.

Rufus is one of the most significant utility programs which is accessible in more than 30 languages all over the world so it has a large customer base as compared to any other application in the same criteria. It also continuously updates its last version into a new one and provides a new and unique feature that proves more advantages while creating formatting any drive. If you want to create installation files of operating systems like Microsoft Windows, UEFFI, Linux, and others by using bootable ISOs then always go through with Rufus.

Steps to Download Rufus within your Windows-based computer system

  • Start your computer system and unlock it by entering the correct password.
  • Now make sure that your computer system is properly connected to the nearest Wi-Fi router.
  • Then go through with the authentic web browsing application which is installed on your PC and search for Rufus.
  • Now Download Rufus on your computer system and install it by going through with the correct process.

Finally, have fun with its all ultimate features and create many bootable USB.

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