Download Rufus 8.22

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RufusRufus is a free and open-source application available for your Windows computer systems that allow you to easily format and create bootable USB flash drives or live USB pen drive so that you can install your Windows operating system with the help of a bootable drive. This application is available for free of cost so you do not have to pay anything in order to enjoy the facilities of this application. It supports a wide variety of bootable ISO files including various Linux distributions such as Fedora, Kali Linux, Parrot OS, Ubuntu, mint OS, and many others. You can also install MS-DOS or FreeDOS into a flash drive by using this application. You will also get different formatting options while formatting your Flash drive by using this app and some of them are fat, fat32, NTFS, exfat, or UDF so you can easily format your Flash price in any file systems that you want.

Rufus 8.22 also provide you other features such as you can use it to compute the different type of hashes of the currently selected images like md5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 the size of this application is very small so you can easily e take it from your one other to another without having to worry about your storage space. The actual process of creating a bootable USB by using Rufus is very easy you just have to select the ISO file of the operating system and then you have to browse for your flash drive and it will instantly create a bootable drive for you within few minutes.

How to Download Rufus on your PC

  • Turn on your computer system and make sure it will be connected to stable Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Then launch the Chrome web browser on your computer and Download Rufus.
  • Now execute this application on your PC by allowing all required and necessary permissions.
  • Finally, use this application on your PC and easily create a bootable drive.

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