Download Rufus 8.24

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RufusRufus 8.24 is a widely used application in the windows computer system. It is used to convert a flash drive into a bootable USB. This utility application is accessible for free and you don’t have to spend a single penny to use its features. It also allows you to format and creates a live USB pen drive with which you can easily install Windows along with another operating system on your devices. Rufus8.24 also provide you the option to format your USB drive by using different file systems such as Fat, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, RFS & ExFat and others this application is available in 38 different languages so users from all over the world can enjoy this app in order to prepare their bootable drives it is written in C programming language so it is blazing fast and you don’t have to actually worry about any sort of processing. You can also use this app to install a bootloader such as GRUB or SYSLINUX onto the flash drive to render it bootable.

Rufus 8.24 also provides you regular updates for the program so that you will be free of security risks by updating the program at regular time intervals. It is very easy to configure this program on your system, you just have to insert the USB drive that you want to format and make it bootable, and then it allows you to browse for the ISO files of the operating system that you want to write into your USB drive.

The process to Download Rufus on your computer system.

  • Start your computer system and ensure that it will be connected to stable internet connectivity.
  • Then open any beloved web browser on your computer and Download Rufus8.24.
  • Now execute this application on your PC by granting all required and necessary permissions.
  • Finally, use this ultimate application on your computer system and easily create a bootable drive.

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