Download Rufus 8.60

RufusRufus is a terminal utility program for all PC users who want to instantly boot a USB drive into a bootable iOS. To create a bootable USB drive with this application you first select the device which you like to boot. This application also enables you to directly select the iSO file within your computer system. It supports all versions of Windows so you can easily download and install it within the system. To execute at all functions and create a bootable USB drive you just need a USB drive of a minimum of 8 gigabytes. This application also provides you with a UEFI and BIOS target system. It also displays the cluster size of the file which you want to boot within your USB drive. The main objective of this application is to generate ISO on a USB. It also collects all the information related to iOS off files on a computer or DVD. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.60”

Download Rufus 8.58

RufusRufus is an ultimate user-friendly platform where you can Flash operating system images to USB drives and SD cards. The user interface of this application is quite simple and straightforward to use. You can easily use this application by just select the drive and click on the start button to begin the booting process. It is quite fast and easy to use as compared to other booting applications. This application also arrives with the feature of converting various images format into an ISO file and many others like virtual drives, mounting discs. One of the greatest advantages of this application is that it supports all types of operating systems. Through this application, you have the ability to create Linux’s best portable drives from any machine and without having any type of issues. The size of this application is small and compatible which you can easily install on any Windows version or operating system. For all PC users, this application is one of the best choices to instantly boot any drive within the best and easiest ways. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.58”

Download Rufus 8.56

RufusRufus is an ultimate Utility program that is designed to create bootable USB drives including USB pen drives, memory sticks, and many others. With this amazing application, It’s easy to get a bootable USB or media creation tool. This application proves more beneficial for all bootable iOS likes Linux, Windows UEFI, and many more. You are also able to utilize its features on a system that doesn’t have an operating system installed on it. It also allows you to flash a BIOS and other firmware from DOS. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.56”

Download Rufus 8.54

Rufus is the best utility program for computers that converts normal drives into bootable USB. This application supports a wide range of tables such as Linux, ISO files, raw disk image files which you can easily compress. It will provide you easy options with which you can easily select the ISO file of the operating system that you want to boot into your USB drive if you have multiple USB attached to your computer then it will provide you the option to select one of them that you want to boot you can also mount various bootloaders by using this application such as GRUB bootloader or SYSLINUX bootloader on any flash drive. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.54”

Download Rufus 8.52

RufusRufus is one of the most popular windows application which will help you to instantly create bootable USB drives that you can take with you everywhere you go. This is a lightweight Windows application that provides you with the facility to easily create bootable drives of any operating system by using your Windows PC. This application is available free of cost so do not have to buy any other premium application in order to enjoy creating bootable USB drives. This application will provide you direct option to select your USB drive and then you can also browse for the ISO file of the operating system that you want to boot into your USB drive. Once you select the file, then you just have to click on the start button and the bootable process will be started within this application. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.52”

Download Rufus 8.50

RufusRufus is an amazing windows application that is most widely used Among all users.  It helps you to instantly create bootable drives and it is a lightweight application that allows you the facility to create bootable USB of all operating systems throw your Windows PC. In this application, you will get a direct option to choose your USB drive and also able to browse for the ISO file of OS that you will boot into your drive. This application is also available free of cost so so you don’t buy any other paid application in order to create a bootable USB drive. In this application, you are also able to change other settings like the file system and cluster size of this application. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.50”

Download Rufus 8.48

RufusRufus is a computer utility program that converts a normal flash drive into a bootable USB. The configuration of this program is very simple like you just have to insert the device which you want to format, market the options, and click start. Less than in a minute your bootable USB for DOS drive is ready. It is the best way to start your PC in DOS. This program only works for Windows but it can also generate an ISO for software installation that can work for many operating systems like Linux, Mac, etc. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.48”

Download Rufus 8.46

RufusRufus is one of the most widely used applications which is designed to create your usual USB into a bootable USB drive. It is a small application that works fast on all kinds of Windows operating systems. This app also provides you blazing-fast processing speed with which you can instantly create the bootable USB drives of your favourite operating systems. You can use this application on any of your Windows devices to prepare the bootable drive of other operating systems. The interface of this application is very simple and you will get all of the necessary options directly on the screen of this app. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.46”

Download Rufus 8.44

RufusRufus is an amazing utility program that is popular for creating bootable USB drives from Windows. It runs on Microsoft Windows and many other operating systems including Linux and others. This app is used not only to bootable window drives from disk images or ISO files but to create bootable Linux USB drives from Windows. By using this app you can check USB media for bad blocks, you can perform MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 checksums. It also has a portable feature where you can create DOS bootable USB sticks. It supports creating windows to go drive. This app is much faster than any other app. It is a very popular and useful app and it is totally free and easily available on websites. This app provides you with the best features at a much faster speed. You can also create a bootable USB pen drive for some other Windows. You are also able to test some applications and websites on which you are working. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.44”

Download Rufus 8.42

Rufus is an amazing open-source utility that is most widely used to convert a USB drive into a bootable USB drive. It is an open free source bootable flash drive program which proves more beneficial for all computer users. This application also supports all the ISO images, windows, and UEFI booting. It is also used to format USB drives to create a new boot-up machine that has a corrupted operating system. In this ultimate utility program, you are able to create installation files from ISOs and net create files of Microsoft Windows, Linux, UEFI, and many others. To make a bootable USB with this app you just insert the flash drive and open this utility program and select all the features as per your preference and needs. This utility program is ten times faster than any other bootmaker application. You are also able To create multiple bootable USB drives through the same step at the same time. Continue reading “Download Rufus 8.42”