Download Rufus 3.6

RufusRufus is the go-to choice for every Windows user who wants to create a bootable flash drive for absolutely free of charge and without having to pay a professional for it. the tool has a very simple user interface and all the controls are labeled according to their feature which makes using Rufus very easy and you do not even need to read a manual before using this tool to create a working bootable drive. You can also use Rufus to format USB drives and it is especially useful for the USB drives that are causing you trouble. Sometimes when you unintentionally transfer a virus in your USB drive then you might see that there is no storage left in the drive and you cannot transfer any files in it no matter how many times you format it using the built-in format feature of windows and that’s where Rufus comes in, you will be able to format your flash drive in an instant and the virus will be gone and you can now start transferring files again to your device. Continue reading “Download Rufus 3.6”

Download Rufus 3.5

RufusRufus is a software designed for Windows computers which are used to format flash drives and create new portable devices out of flash drives that you can use to install new operating systems on computers. It is free to use software available to be downloaded on all Windows PCs and you do not have to pay any money to download the latest version of Rufus on your device. Rufus is very tiny in overall size so you will not need a lot of data in order to download the software on your computer and it’s also very easy on your processor because you do not need an expensive processor in order to run Rufus in the background while working on other tasks and you will not see any performance drop in your computer. Continue reading “Download Rufus 3.5”

Download Rufus 3.3

RufusRufus is one of the most popular formatting tool used by windows users all over the globe and the app is available for absolutely free of charge and you do not have to pay any sort of subscription fees to keep using it and formatting USB drives. Rufus has many features that often go unnoticed such as the ability to manage the disk space on your hard disk. Rufus makes it very easy for you to better manage every gigabyte how space because now you can divide and merge different local disk drives without having to lose any of your important files in the process and without having to empty than before merging them or dividing them into different parts. Continue reading “Download Rufus 3.3”

Download Rufus 3.1

RufusRufus is a software designed for Windows PC that lets you create a bootable flash drive for absolutely free of charge that you can use to install a new operating system on a computer.¬†Rufus has a very simple user interface and all the buttons in this software are very well laid out and labeled according to their function so you will have no trouble using the app on your PC. this software is available for absolutely free of charge for all Windows computers and you do not have to pay any sort of subscription fee in order to keep using it to create bootable drives. Continue reading “Download Rufus 3.1”

Download Rufus 3.0

RufusRufus is one of the leading Microsoft Windows application available for Creating Bootable USB drives, the app considered to be Best in the business when it comes to Creating Bootable USB drives. In this article, we are going to answer the most important question about the app named Rufus. What is Rufus? Developed by Pete Batard, Rufus is a Microsoft Windows application which helps in formatting your Flash drive and converting it into full functioning bootable USB out of an iso file, it includes your pen drives or USB keys. Rufus is very lite and easy to use application with very simple configuration. The reviews of the app are very good and the critics have given 4 out of 5 stars to this application. Continue reading “Download Rufus 3.0”

Download Rufus 2.28

RufusRufus is a tool designed for Windows PC which helps you create bootable flash drive, format USB drives and manage the disk space on your computer. Rufus is free to use software which you can use without having to purchase it or having to pay a monthly subscription fee, the size of the software is very tiny and it is very light on your processor. You can keep using Rufus in the background and the performance of your PC won’t be affected because it uses very minimal processing power and RAM. Continue reading “Download Rufus 2.28”

Download Rufus 2.25

RufusRufes is a tool designed for Windows PC which basically helps you create bootable drive from pen drives and format any flash drive of your choice. Rupees is one of the leading apps in its category with millions of users worldwide and the best part about using this tool to create bootable usb drives is that it is absolutely free of charge, you do not have to pay any money or subscription fees to keep using it on your PC. Rufus has a very simple user interface, the controls are very basic and evenly laid out so anyone can use the app without having to read the instructions because all the controls in the app are already mark with their function.

Rufus is at least 25 % faster than any other similar tool and the software is tiny in size as compared to others, is easy to install and does not require much processing power so you can keep working on your computer while using Rufus to create bootable drive or formatting them. one of the best features of Rufus that often goes unnoticed is its ability to manage disks in your hard drive. You can divide portion of disk space in your hard drive or you can merge two disk spaces with each other and you can do it all without losing any files in the process, if you want to manage that is space on your computer and you do not have the luxury of transferring important files to a safe drive then this feature of the tool can prove to be very helpful. Creating bootable usb flash drives is a breeze with this tool, all you need is the ISO file of the operating system you want to create a bootable drive of and it burns the ISO image on your USB drive in minutes.

Download Rufus 2.25 for Windows

  • Run browser on your PC and open this webpage.
  • Download Rufus for PC.
  • Install the downloaded software and run it for free!

Download Rufus 2.23

RufusRufus is an app that let you create bootable drives in much simple helps to create bootable usb Flash drives like usb keys, usb pen drives, memory sticks etc and you can create them easily.this app is very easy to use and very much user friendly.anyone can use it what you need is just some basic knowledge. this is a awesome app that will help you in many ways. This app does all this work in a systematic and smarter other app can work like this app. It has many interesting features to attract more impressive things about this app is that it is faster than any app of this category.this app is specially useful to create usb installation media from ios that is bootable,and in addition it is also useful where you have to work on a system where os is not installed. Continue reading “Download Rufus 2.23”

Download Rufus v2.21

RufusRufus is a tool designed for windows devices that lets you format flash drive and create bootable drives in a matter of seconds. Rupees is one of the simplest apps that you can get on your PC and the best part about using this tool is that the app is available for absolutely free of charge. Rufus works with almost all versions of Windows and support more than 20 languages. The clear and simply laid out operating system of this tool allows you to start using it without having to read any sort of manual of the app.

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Download Rufus v2.17

RufusRufus v2.17 is a reliable instrument that gives you a chance to arrange streak drive and make bootable drives utilizing an iso document of Windows or any working arrangement of your decision. Rufus is a free programming that keeps running on all variants of Windows and numerous other working frameworks and you don’t need to pay any membership charges to continue utilizing this instrument on your PC. this instrument is turned out to be no less than 25% quicker than some other comparative apparatus in its class, it has an extremely basic and simple to utilize interface that is exceptionally well spread out and you won’t have to peruse any manual to get it. You can make bootable glimmer drive in merely minutes utilizing this free instrument on your PC, all you require is the ISO record of the coveted working framework and an unfilled blaze drive.

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